Eco Solvent Printer

  1. Adopt variable do printing technology. There are 8 columns of nozzles in the print head, every column contains 180nozzles, and therefore, there are a total of 1440 nozzles.
  2. Selfdeveloped automatic cleaning and capping system which makes the operation and maintenance convenient
  3. AC servo motor for both X and Y direction which are stable and durable.
  4. New designed constant pressure ink supply system with inserted ink bottle which is clean, reliable, at the same, the ink flow is more fluent.
  5. Carriage height adjustable system (Max. printing height 10mm).
  6. Rear, platen, and front individual heating system improve the printing quality.
  7. No space between bearings and rails for the carriage movement with low noise, low resistance, and no vibration. Market approved that it is durable
  8. Fixed feeding structure which is compatible with 2 and 3 inch paper core. Equipped with take-up balancing bar which is flexible and easy to use.